First Blog Post!

So this is it, the start of something new! I was very tempted to have started this post off with a quote from a song, but then I realized that song was from High School Musical and decided not to make that my first impression upon those reading this. I’m not very good at introducing myself so bear with me on this first blog post. I am going to keep things relatively short, this is more of my introduction and a practice run for the future.

My name is Dennis Walsh and this is my blog. I am a recent college graduate and you can find out more about me by visiting the “About” section of The reason I started up this blog is that I love to write, it is my favorite thing to do. When I get into the proper head space I can write for hours and hours, that doesn’t mean all that writing is good but it demonstrates to me that something about writing is cathartic for me. I love writing so much that I made the conscious decision to undergo the task of graduating undergrad with both a degree in History as well as English & Creative Writing. So my current lack of writing assignments now leaves me with this hole in my life, and as any normal healthy adult would do I’ve tried a variety of things to fill that hole: binge-watching Netflix, rearranging my room, applying for jobs and of course alcohol. However, none of those have quite given me the cathartic relief that writing does. Long story short, I love to write and I intend to utilize this blog to help me keep that love going strong. As of now, I plan to post at least three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

As of now, I plan to post at least three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. That may change in the future but I want to get into a real routine with posting before I change the schedule up too much. This blog will focus on just about anything, I can’t really see anything being off-limits for me. The one topic I will try to actively avoid is politics, not because I don’t have political opinions or because I’m afraid that people will disagree with me, but because I feel that politics has aggressively taken over the internet and television over the last couple of years and it seems to me that most political posts online are people searching for a justification of their own pre-existing beliefs and opinions. My goal isn’t to validate or vilify anyone, if you’re looking for that I’m sure you could hop on Facebook for a second and find something more to your liking. This blog will just be the written words of a man who is by no means an expert in probably most of the things I will be talking about. That being said I want to have fun here and for any reader to feel free to engage in a dialogue with me.

That about sums up everything I wanted to get out-of-the-way before I really kick off this blog. I look forward to keeping this up in the future and I appreciate all of you out there who happened to come across this page and took the time to read it through. Thank you and have a nice day.

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