Since I have returned home from college, I have been giving my room a complete rehaul. I took on the impossible task of cleaning out my closet and desk and lived to tell the tale. While I was cleaning I came across a pile of about one hundred sketches that I used to create when I was in middle school. These sketches were of superheroes that I made up and some of them had in-depth details on the characters such as how their powers or gadgets worked, their secret identities, and even which planet they lived on in a fictional solar system I designed for my own comic book universe. A lot of the sketches were cringeworthy, to say the least, one such example is a mad scientist wearing a torn-up lab coat with flames for hair named X-Plosion who was apparently some hero’s “arch-enime”.  My dad walked into my room while I had all these sketches sprawled out on my bed, he chuckled and said: “Wow I remember all of these guys”.


Later that same night my dad came into the basement and saw me flipping through one of my old notebooks and he said “Hey, I wanted to mention this earlier. I know you’re worried about getting a job right now, but don’t stop writing”. I never realized he cared much about my writing, but then it occurred to me that creating has always been a part of who I am. The comic book universe I created in middle school was not the beginning, it merely reminded me that this is something I have always loved to do. I mention this, not to promote my upcoming Netflix-exclusive series X-Plosion, but to show that I have been trying to create something special using fiction since I was really young. So for the next couple of paragraphs, I would like to go through a brief summary of my life as a creator.

The earliest thing I remember making up were two sets of characters: Lizard Lord and Butthead Larry. As you can probably tell these characters were created in my early elementary school years. Butthead Larry was some kind of superhero who frequently fought against the dastardly Evil Diaper Head, obviously. It was actually well-known in the school that I drew this character and one of my friend’s parents actually had me design an army camo version of Butthead Larry which they framed and hung on their wall for a while. Which, let me just say, I think is ridiculously hilarious. Lizard Lord, on the other hand, was your regular mild-manner lizard until he fell into a vat of chemicals that mutated him to a human-sized lizard that walked on two legs and flew around the city on a jetpack battling against his foe the Evil Doctor Fly, you may be sensing a pattern of evil here. I even wrote and drew a dozen pages of a comic for Lizard Lord, that I regret throwing away years ago. That sums up my major elementary school creations that I can remember.

Butthead Larry battles the dastardly Evil Diaper Head

Middle school was the time where I was really focused on designing my own superheroes as I stated above. Most days I would come home after school, do my homework, and then lock myself away and watch Dragon Ball Z while I sketched for hours. At some point, I stopped doing it and I can’t remember what I did between then and the 10th grade, but once 10th grade rolled around it was time for me to try something else: YouTube videos. At the time of writing this I’d say about 95% of the videos I was a part of have been either taken down by me and my friends or are private so only we can view them. The reason for this is that the first attempt at creating content on YouTube that my friends and I did was a sketch channel. As you can imagine the quality of the videos was sub par and the humor was exactly what you think the humor of 10th-grade boys would be, probably even worse. But we all had a really good time creating those videos together and have always fascinated about creating a real short film together, especially since our cameraman and editor just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in video production. So far though nothing has come of it, although I have been working on a script lately.

College is where I really discovered my passion for the written word. I’m not sure what clicked for me,  maybe it was the experience of attempting to write so many sketches but one day early in my freshman year I decided that I wanted to write a novel. Not just a novel, but a series of novels that take place in the not so distant future that involved at least fifteen separate point-of-view characters, half of which were aliens who I created an entire in-depth back story for. I was not even close to ready to undertake that challenge. I wrote and rewrote until eventually, I shelved the idea for some unknown date in the future. I figured I should take some creative writing classes at school and so I did. I absolutely loved it. I have written maybe a dozen short stories in college and sent a few out for publication. None have gotten published, but I also have really only sent out five applications. I think too afraid of rejection to really go for it and that is something I have to get over.

So that is my history as a creator. I have done quite a few different things and it feels odd summarizing them here. It has recently occurred to me that this is what I love to do, I love to create something where there once was nothing. I want to impact people even if it is in the smallest way possible. So far I have not been able to reach an audience and that is okay with me because, for the most part, I am proud of what I’ve produced. However, I also feel as though fear of rejection has been holding me back for a long time. I think this blog is a good first step for me to get myself out there and expose people to the things I can do. Honestly, I was terrified to start this blog up and put my face to it because I felt as though I would be mocked or no one would think it was any good. So far though, in the week since I’ve first posted this community has been very supportive and I truly appreciate that. I hope to keep my life as a creator going strong. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

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