My Space to Write

As I begin my third week on this blog I decided it might be a good idea to take some time to describe exactly where I do most of my writing. This may not be the most exciting topic of all time but I have subscribed to the WordPress Blogging University and this was the recommended Everyday Inspiration for Day Six. I liked the concept so I am going to try it out.

The space that I write is on top of a wooden desk that I’ve had as long as I have been cognizant. The only memory I don’t have of this desk being set up in my room was the day when my dad set it up in my room when I must have just been starting elementary school. The desk is covered in pen marks and scrapings from years of wear and tear as well as procrastination induced doodling. The only thing on this desk that is equivalent in age is my black desk lamp which also holds my writing utensils and all other small miscellaneous items. This lamp is also a major pain in my ass and always has been because when it is left on for too long the thing begins to emit a crazy amount of heat, you will burn yourself if you touch it in the wrong spot, but I just can’t bring myself to replace it. I guess it has sentimental value to me, or maybe I have some undiagnosed psychosis involving a love of getting burned by a stupid old lamp.

Above my desk, hanging on the newly painted wall, is a corkboard. Growing up I had always wanted a corkboard for some reason. I always fantasized about having some crazy plan put together on it, or a map of a road trip I would someday take. So I bought one for when I went away to college and all I really used it for was pinning up syllabuses and other random notes. Today it rests above my desk with a Star Wars themed calendar, a handful of sticky notes, and a Batman motivational poster my mom recently made for me that reads “Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be Batman Then Always Be Batman”, which is really the best advice a mother could give to her son.

Surrounded by a random assortment of my belongings that I either cannot find another spot for or I am too lazy to put away lies the centerpiece of my writing space. I use a MacBook Air to do all of my writing, research, procrastination, etc. You know what a laptop is used for. Back in the day, I used to have a Dell computer that would overheat much like my devil lamp, but I finally joined the modern age a couple of years ago and I have to say that I enjoy my Mac. Yes, that is right Apple, you finally got what you have always been waiting for, a ringing endorsement from Dennis Walsh. You are welcome.

That about describes everything that my writing space has to offer. I am curious to see what some of my readers would like me to write about in the future, and so is the WordPress Blogging University, so if some of you could take a minute, head over to my contact page and submit some suggestions for my future posts I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

2 thoughts on “My Space to Write”

  1. You made your writing space come alive with your description. The cork board story took me back to when I had similar plans . It’s fridge magnet these days that hold my notes. More power to you and all hail Batman!

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