Reel Big Fish: The Paramount

A cyclone of bodies swarm about chaotically in the center of the hall, smoke rises over the crowd, people fall, and beer is split but the bodies don’t stop moving. People get up only to push ahead to the rhythm of the horns blasting from the stage. The chorus to the final song of the encore performance echoes out through the mouths of everyone in attendance “I think I’ll have myself a beer”.

This past Wednesday I was lucky enough to go and see Reel Big Fish live at The Paramount in Huntington, New York and I had a really great time. Reel Big Fish headlined the show but there were also three other bands opening for them that I had never heard of until buying the ticket. The bands performed in this order: Tunnel Vision, The Queers, The Expendables, and finally Reel Big Fish. I had a couple of drinks before going to the show at the bar located right next to the Paramount called The Huntington Village Tavern, which actually had some really good pre-concert deals for anyone ever going to a show at the Paramount, and then I walked in just in time to catch the entire show from start to finish.

After gathering up as many free beer samples as I could I walked into the center of the hall and listened with my friends to Tunnel Vision. This band seems to be much younger than the other performers but their sound matched perfectly with the ska-punk sound Reel Big Fish, and their opening 30-minute set was pretty enjoyable to listen to. It definitely got the crowd ready for me. However, the next band was The Queers and while they were not a bad band, it seemed as though their sound didn’t quite mesh with the other line-ups for that night. The Queers had a more punk-centric sound without a lot of the fun ska vibes that the crowd was there for. Although more people began to file into the hall during their set, I noticed that more people were bopping their heads and moving during the Tunnel Vision set than during The Queers’. Next up was The Expendables and they got the show back on track for me. Their sound is very similar to that of Reel Big Fish and they had a handful of songs that I later added to my Spotify after the show. Although I feel like their hourlong set was a bit too long, I was very happy with their sound and how they worked the crowd.

Finally, Reel Big Fish took to the stage and after a major cloud of smoke emerged from the crowded hall, everyone was ready. This was my first time ever seeing Reel Big Fish live and for anyone reading this who does not know anything about Reel Big Fish, their songs have this devil-may-care attitude about them and the lyrics have a great deal of humor. So I did not know what to expect when they took to the stage, but much to my satisfaction they were equally as funny on stage as their songs tend to be. The band began playing and immediately a massive mosh pit formed in the center of the hall that my best friend quickly ran to join. This mosh pit only grew in size as the set raged on. Reel Big Fish performed all of their fan favorite songs while also covering a fair deal of 90s songs in a running gag about those songs being their biggest hits. The show ended after an encore performance of four songs and 4 and a half hours of great music.

Overall, I had a great time at the concert. I discovered some new bands and would love to see Reel Big Fish live again sometime in the future. But those are just my thoughts, has anyone reading this ever seen Reel Big Fish live? What did you think? Or have you ever checked out the Paramount? Let me know whatever you would like in the comments and have a nice day.

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