Spider-man: Homecoming Review!

Spider-man, Spider-man does whatever a spider can! Also, I guess, he has a suit, made by the invincible Iron Man!

Spider-man: Homecoming is the first Spider-man movie set within the Marvel cinematic universe and is the culmination of an unprecedented deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. Spider-man is played by Tom Holland in this movie and I’m just going to get it out of the way now, I think he was perfect. Honestly, he may just be the best actor to portray both Peter Parker and Spider-man. Without getting into spoilers, I want to say that this movie is excellent, far better than the Spider-man movies released in the last 10 years and the most refreshing MCU movie released since the original Guardians of the Galaxy. It is definitely worth seeing.

There will be spoilers from here onward.

As I stated above, this is the first Spider-man movie to take place within a larger Marvel context and it was so refreshing being able to see a Spider-man that exists in a world with other superheroes. The involvement of Iron Man, while at times was a bit too much for me, and the Captain America videos just helped to inform a larger world at play. But by far the best aspect of this movie for me was the high school element. I am a sucker for high school coming of age movies and that is exactly what this movie was. It was a fun movie focused on a goofy character and his best friend, trying to navigate the hardships of high school and finding yourself, but the main character just happened to be the spectacular Spider-man (from YouTube). I thought the high school elements are what really set this movie apart from prior Spider-man movies and what gave it a real unique a fresh feeling from the prior MCU movies, which have started to become a little formulaic and predictable.

Speaking of unpredictability, that Vulture twist had me audibly gasp in the theater. I did not see that coming at all, and I think the reveal was handled so well and the conversation between Peter Parker and Adrian Tombs was acted masterfully by Tom Holland and particularly Micheal Keaton who did an excellent job as the Vulture in this film, easily becoming one of the more interesting and developed MCU villains in recent years. I also just wanted to mention that Ned Leeds was such an excellent character and I think he brought a great new dynamic to Peter Parker’s character. Zendaya as Michelle or MJ was also a great character, but for someone who was highly advertised to be in the movie, she was actually barely there and never really interacted directly with Peter. Also, I don’t really understand why they have to call her MJ if she’s not Mary Jane or even similar in personality to who Mary Jane is in the comics. It just seemed really forced like the Robin “reveal” at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. Marisa Tomei was also a good Aunt May who came off as the cool aunt type, but she was also barely in the film and I wish she had more to do in the movie though it seemed like all of her role model moments were taken by Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is impossible to miss because he is the driving force behind the entire plot of the movie. That is something that really irritates me. This movie felt like a Spider-man movie as well as Iron Man 3.5. While I do love that Spider-man is part of this bigger universe, I don’t want his motivations and gadgets as well as his villains’ motivations all to be connected to Iron Man. Spider-man wanting to prove himself to Tony Stark and become a member of the Avengers was a really cute motivation and I loved his interactions with Happy Hogan throughout the movie. Adrian Tombs feeling forced into a life of crime by Tony Stark provides an interesting angle in the MCU about the rich versus the common man that I enjoyed. Iron Man providing Spider-man with a suit was fun in Captain America: Civil War but began to rub me the wrong way as Spider-man: Homecoming progressed. Peter Parker is a genius, and because he is only 15 in this movie I understand why he couldn’t design his own super high-tech suit but at the same time I don’t need Spider-man to be Iron Man Jr. Spider-man has never had an A.I. that I am aware of and while Karen does provide some humor to the film, I fee like her addition as well as the insane amount of webshooter combinations was a bit much and teetered on the edge of making Spider-man a completely different character. That is why I loved when Peter had the end fight in his homemade suit and I was so glad that he denied the even higher tech suit Tony offered him at the very end. Spider-man is a street level hero, looking out for the little guy and I’m glad that is what is chose to be by the end of this film.

Overall, I really loved this movie. I think the characters and the actors were great. This was a refreshing take on the character and really sets it apart from the rest of the MCU. This is by far the funniest film since the original Guardians of the Galaxy was released. While there was a bit too much Iron Man in it for my personal taste, I still really appreciated the connection to the rest of the MCU. I am going to give Spider-man: Homecoming a 9 out of 10. This is a must see for any Spider-man or comic book fan, and really for anyone who just enjoys a solid movie. Those are just my thoughts, what did you think of the movie? Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!


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