Prison Break SUCKED!

A little while ago I wrote a post about the top 5 shows I’ve binged so far this summer and at the end I mentioned that I had just started Prison Break. Well, now I just finished it and holy crap the ending was terrible. I know it may seem stupid to talk about a show that wrapped up almost a decade ago, but it just had a limited return for a season 5 so I figured that is a good enough reason to fuel this rant. Keep in mind I have not seen season 5 of the show, just because I can’t bring it on myself to go through it just yet.

Prison Break was such a good show for season 1 and 2. It started out sort of slow for me and it was odd seeing Captain Cold and Heatwave (from The Flash) in dramatic roles, but I got used to it quickly as their performances were so subtle and interesting. The writing for these first two seasons was clever and had a lot of heart. By the end of season 1, the viewer knew a lot about all the characters and could easily point out their motivations and see their point-of-view. Personally, I think season 2 was an even better season with Agent Mahone and Michael Scofield playing a game of cat and mouse across the country.


Season 3 is when the show completely goes off the rails. It is not obvious at first, but by halfway through season 3 when they are still in Sona (the Panamanian prison) you begin to wish that the show would focus on literally any other character than Scofield and his annoying love for Sarah who is so obviously not dead that it is insulting to the viewer to make that Scofield’s only motivation. This is also when The Company really begins to make no sense. When I first heard the name The Company in season 1, I rolled my eyes. It was such a cheesy sounding generic villain, but for the first 2 seasons it mostly worked and was a real threat to the brothers and they had a motivation to be such. In season 3 it becomes fairly clear that the writers have no idea what The Company even is and they just string the viewers along for a full season of utter nonsense until Scofield finally breaks out of this prison, again. Get it? Prison Break.

Season 4 starts off promising with the cast being forced to work together despite thier histories in order to help bring down The Company through the Department of Homeland Security. However, this is quickly ruined by the realization that Scofield has some sort of rare genetic disease that his dead mother once had and will die very soon if not treated and the back and fortch between Scofield and Sarah grows tedious as you know the Scofield is not in any real danger as the plot needs him to pull off the heist. After a masterfully shot hiest sequence, the show falls even further down into the rabbit hole of madness by having the Homeland agent betray the team and send them on the run once more. Leading to almost the same exact premise of the first half of the season, except now the team is forced to work for The Company in order to steal this device back from… MICHAEL AND LINCOLN’S MOTHER!?!

Yep, turns out that Mama Scofield is alive (of course) and she is evil. So after about seven episodes that go to tarnish the name of what was once a great show, Sarah shoots Mama Scofield dead, Agent Kellerman swoops in to save the day, and Scofield saves the world from global war and brings down The Company. Oh, and it is revealed that he died breaking Sarah out of prison almost a month after all of that. But in season 5 is he alive, so I guess he must have faked his own death and abandoned his son, brother, nephew, and wife for, presummably, a really dumb reason. I don’t know I have not yet seen season 5 but based on where the show ended up in the last 2 seasons I’d say that is a fair guess.

I just really missed when this show was about saving an innocent man’s life, not about a government conspiracy and a potential solar powered weapons war. Overall, I loved the first 2 seasons of Prison Break and I struggled through the last 2 seasons because the writing was so strong in the beginning that i genuinly cared about these characters and many of the actors were also excellent and kept me coming back despire convulded plot lines and cliche soap opera-esk drama. Unfortunately, I can only give this series a 7 out of 10.

Whta did you think? Am I being too hard on this show or do you agree with me about the last 2 seasons? And does anyone know if season 5 is worth it? Please let me know anything you want in the comment section and have a nice day!

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