The Partner in Shadow

Mary’s body was warm under the covers. His hand rubbed up and down her naked back, feeling the heat emitting from her body. At times it was refreshing for Scott to feel a warm body, to feel the blood pumping and hear the slow rhythm of breath rushing in and fleeing out. The ceiling fan held his gaze, but his attention was elsewhere. A shadow passed across his face, and another, and another going in a constant circle bringing him in and out of the dark.

Slivers of light had entered the room through cracks in the blinds. His girlfriend had been asleep the whole night, only moving occasionally to steal some blanket or wack him in the face with a limp arm. He did not think he was capable of feeling what people described as love, and if he was he certainly did not love Mary. She was his mask, his girlfriend, but not his love or his partner.

The sun was rising, which was good for Scott because he could slip out early and claim it was in order to go to work. Another violent accusation of his infidelity was something he’d like to avoid at all costs. The warmth of her body had lost its novelty at this point anyway, so he slithered out of the bed careful not to rock the mattress or, worse yet, her body. After throwing on some clothes and washing his face, Scott looked up in the mirror and saw his real partner.

Those tortured eyes looked back at him now. Eyes with black in the sclera where white should have been, and pupils the opposite. The mirror had become a rippling portal from another dimension, realm, universe, Scott wasn’t entirely sure himself, but he knew enough not to question the way things were. The shadow creature stayed back at him with those opposite eyes and raised his hand up to where the glass should have been, Scott watched as he subconsciously reached there as well.

His partner never spoke, but he would send him messages. Messages from whatever Dark Lord he served, Scott had liked to believe it was Satan. Perhaps, “liked” is too strong of a word to describe his feelings, but he was not unhappy with the prospect. Through the rippling portal where Scott’s bathroom mirror once stood, the shadow waves his hand and showed Scott what must have been a message from a higher power, demanding that Scott serve his will.

Quickly flashing across the portal was an image of Gaby, Mary’s friend, the one who had caused the trouble of the prior day and almost exposed his rituals. The image rippled out through the portal as quickly as it had come, and not long after so had the shadow. This was all the confirmation Scott needed to know that his anger at Gaby was not unjustified, that even the one he served now wanted her dead. The reason’s for this would never be made clear to him, but he did not care. This is what he wanted, and so he grabbed his keys and set about to achieve it.

via Daily Prompt: Partner

This is Part 4 of an ongoing story using the Daily Prompt every Friday.

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