Game of Thrones SUCKED! GoT 7.6

After discussing this weeks episode of Game of Thrones with as many friends as I possibly could before they all told me to shut up, I have come to the realization that I am in the minority here. But I thought “Beyond the Wall” was extremely underwhelming and one of the worst written episodes of the entire series. Going into this episode of was beyond hyped to see Jon and his posse roll up on some white walkers and probably lose a significant chunk of fan favorite characters. What we got instead was evidence that the logic and realism of this show is beginning to crack and that all of our favorite characters are completely safe until the last two episodes of the series.

What I mean by logic and realism going out the window with this episode relies solely on Jon Snow’s plan to escape the White Walkers. The characters find themselves trapped on an island surrounded by White Walkers who are patiently waiting for the lake to refreeze over so they can charge them. Even though the Night King has ice powers and could have just frozen the lake immediately, or thrown one of his spears and blown them all to bits right from the start. But that’s not the problem I had. My problem was that Jon sends’ Gendry off to run back to the Wall, god knows how long that would take, and then he wants him to send a raven out to Daenerys at Dragonstone so that she will take her dragons and fly all the way to Dragonstone north of the Wall and save them all. That makes no in-universe sense for Jon to even consider that a possibility. It would take at the very least, a week for the raven to reach Daenerys, and I’m no expert on dragon flight speed, but it should have taken her another day on top of that to arrive north of the Wall. Instead, somehow she gets the raven and is there to save everyone in maybe 48 hours. This RUINED the episode for me.

I have been told that I am nitpicking and should just forget about it and enjoy the show. And everyone is totally right, I’m just experiencing hardcore nerd rage, but I must vent and vent I shall! The writers could easily have set it up that the party had a supply of food on the island in order to make their survival there for at least a week possible. Or they could have had them hiding on a mountaintop instead of an island in clear range of the Night King. They also could have hand Dany decide to go to the Wall in order to help them come from another reason instead of a raven. She could have just decided to go and help, which would have made way more sense and explain how she shows up to save the day so quickly. The writers clearly found themselves in a corner, and instead of trying to fix the problem, they just decided to through all the logistics and reason that built the show and made it so interesting out the window to save literally every character except the one guy no one really cared about in the first place.

Let me just say, yes it was really cool seeing the dragons vs the white walkers. I absolutely loved it. I’m not a heartless bastard. It was just slightly undercut by the illogical circumstances which proceeded it, which was clearly the result of rushed final two seasons by showrunners too lazy to properly finish off the series that put their names on the map and made them rich.

I’m sorry for killing your Game of Thrones high. I still give “Beyond the Wall” a 7 out of 10. Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day!

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