The Secret Inhabitant

Scott had been in this apartment only a few times before, however, he had never been alone. It was a nice place, a single bedroom room apartment on the outskirts of the city. The kitchen that stood attached to the living room was kept tidy and only a single dirty dish lay in the sink. Probably from breakfast this morning. The filthy bedroom was a different story.

Slivers of light crept into Gaby’s bedroom, masking most of the filth in darkness. Scott was used to the dark though and he saw the grime that this young woman tried to hide in the more public areas of her home. Along the floor were dishes and silverware caked with the remains of long spoiled food. Strewn across the room, hanging from the closet door, dangling from the window sill, surrounding and even in some instances piled on top of the dirty dishes were various articles of colorful panties, bras, tops, and pants. Scott did not care, he only paid attention to the unmade bed, careful not to sit down on any misplaced fork or knife.

The day was still early when Scott had arrived in Gaby’s apartment. It would not be more than an hour or two until she returned home for lunch. A little opening in her schedule that he had picked up from her conversations with Mary. If she did not return home today, he could always try again tomorrow. In the time that Scott sat on the bed, he did not move an inch. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see his partner watching him from Gaby’s dresser mirror. Scott never once looked directly at the shadow creature, but he felt his presence and the growing pressure to perform well as time passed.

Minutes of hours later, there was a soft clinking of keys outside followed by the flick of a lock and the creak of an opening door. Scott sat motionless on the bed, his partner still intently watching. From the bedroom doorway, Scott watched Gaby walk into the kitchen with her nose down to her phone. The phone was tossed onto the countertop with a thud, and then Gaby opened up the refrigerator. As she surveyed her dining options, Scott stood up from his post and walked with ferocious speed out of the bedroom. Silence was not his ally, it would only slow him down and give his prey a chance to escape.

Footsteps pounding down on the hardwood floor gave Gaby pause from her search for food to turn briefly from the refrigerator. What she saw was a blur of a man she thought she recognized barreling at her, his hand reached toward her head, and smashed it with force against the refrigerator. Then darkness.

Scott stood above the crumpled body. Blood had splattered onto the white service of the refrigerator and trickled down toward the floor. He would wrap the wound to stop the incessant bleeding, ensuring she wouldn’t bleed out before the ritual and the cemetery, and then would get to work thoroughly cleaning the kitchen. Before all of that, Scott took a moment to look down at the woman who had almost ruined it all for him and smiled.

“Oh my God,” A voice whispered from behind him.Scott’s smile slipped away

Scott’s smile slipped away as he turned and saw a woman standing in the apartment doorway. This dark haired woman looked down at Gaby and then into Scott’s eyes. She saw him. And then she ran.

via Daily Prompt: Inhabitant

This is Part 5 in an ongoing series using the Daily Prompt every Friday.

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