Well It Was Nice Knowing Everyone: Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

This week Game of Thrones had its longest episode yet at an hour and twenty-five minutes and “The Dragon and the Wolf” did not disappoint in the slightest. This episode was arguably the best of the season and the writing for every character was so superb that it practically makes up for the nonsense of last weeks episode. For anyone who was worried about the future of Game of Thrones, this episode surely must have calmed their nerves.

Spoilers are coming.

The real meat of this episode was the legendary meeting between the forces of Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, and Cersei Lannister at a Dragonpit immediately outside King’s Landing. This sequence was so well written and well acted, giving every character a great opportunity to get a few excellent lines in, that it made me upset to think that we will probably never have this many characters together again after this episode. I was on the edge of my seat for every scene that Cersei was in because at this point she could blow up the moon and it wouldn’t seem out of character to me, she’s gone full-blown Mad Queen. The scenes with Sansa and Arya were pretty interesting, I did not see the execution of Littlefinger coming but I sure am glad that weasel has finally been dealt with. Then there was the super omega confirmation that Jon Snow is really a Targaryen, Aegon Targaryen to be precise, and we get a lovely voice over confirmation while he is making sweet love to his Aunt Daenerys. Ew, but totally to be expected in this show. Then finally the motherf**king Night King shows up on the back of a motherf**king dragon and burns The Wall to the ground, letting the white walker army into Westeros and slaughtering everyone.

Well okay, they haven’t slaughtered everyone yet but come on. How are the combined forces of Westeros going to stop the Night King? Jon and Dany are too busy getting busy on a boat, they don’t even have their forces dug in at Winterfell yet. I am truly terrified for the citizens of Westeros, and that is why this was a great episode and an excellent finale. The stakes are high and I genuinely felt concern for everyone’s life this episode and in the future. The Long Night is here and I have no idea who makes it out alive. Game of Thrones has left me fiending for the next season like a wight for Cersei’s face.

I have no kind of major prediction for next season of Game of Thrones that I’d like to put out there since this was the finale. Bran is going to inform Jon of his true heritage this coming season, probably next episode. That is not a theory that is just a statement. My theory is what Jon does with this information. I think nothing changes at all. I think he still goes by the name Jon Snow and not Aegon Targaryen and he continues to serve Daenerys. There are two scenes this very episode which I’ll use to back my claim. The first is a major part of this episode where Jon refuses to lie to Cersei and claim that he’ll serve her because he has already sworn himself to Daenerys. Being true to his word is a huge part of Jon’s character and something he learned from Ned. Who brings me to my next point, the scene between Theon and Jon where Theon seeks some sort of reconciliation with Jon before going out to save his sister. Jon tells Theon that Ned will always be a part of him and that he does not have to choose between Greyjoy and Stark because he is both. I think this is foreshadowing Jon’s reaction to his Targaryen and Stark ancestry and will care more for the man and the family that raised him that parents he never knew. A little anti-climatic? Maybe, but Jon’s entire arc is about accepting who he is as a bastard so I think if he jumps at the chance to say screw you to everyone he knows and attempts to take the Iron Throne for himself would be a betrayal of his character.

Overall, I’d give “The Dragon and the Wolf” a 10 out of 10. Yeah, that’s right, I went there. But those are just my reactions and predictions, what did you think? As always, thank you for reading this and have a nice day!

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