The War of Jokes and Riddles: Ballad of the Kite Man Pt. 2: Batman #30

Tom King’s ongoing Batman story arc continues again this week with another interlude within the main story of “The War of Jokes and Riddles”. Following Batman #29, it would appear that Batman has decided to work with the Riddler’s forces in order to take down the Joker. For some reason, Tom King has selected Kite Man to be an important character in this story line, and while I did not care for his addition within the first interlude because it seemed forced and confusing, I did enjoy this issue much more. The entire issue serves as both a meta commentary on how Kite Man is viewed as a joke by his wife and by extension comic book fans.

The entire issue serves as both a meta commentary on how Kite Man is viewed as a joke by his wife and by extension comic book fans. This is done through voiceover from a previous conversation between Kite Man and his now deceased son, and I thought it was beautifully done. I have never once cared for Kite Man, I am a huge Batman fan and I honestly can’t remember a single issue of a comic that he was in before this story line but I had heard of him before. This single issue had me really feeling sorry for Kite Man, which is something I’d never thought I’d feel.

That all being said, this issue still does suffer from the montage style of story telling that has plagued this story arc since its first issue. It is done in a slightly better way in this issue, with the montage including some fan favorite villains all getting defeated by Batman as he tears into Jokers army. Since this was an interlude focusing solely on Kite Man, we also did not get much explanation into the working relationship behind Batman and the Riddler, and that is something that I would very much like to be fleshed out. Hopefully, this is all addressed in future issues and not left up to the reader’s imagination like much of the story arc has been so far.

I have been pretty hard on this story arc so far, particularly the first Kite Man interlude, but I have to say that this issue breathed some new life into the story for me. I am curious to see what happens to Kite Man, I am interested to see how the Joker handles the complete and utter decimation of his army, and of course, I need to find out how this all affects Batman. I give Batman #30 a 3.5 out of 5 Stars. What did you think? Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day!

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